Concrete Beams Analysis with Beam Express

Beam Express provides engineers the most efficient way to calculate concrete beams.

The Beam Express and the Beam Express Pro are excel spreadsheets for calculating continuous beams.

While Beam Express can analyse beams loaded by uniformly distributed loads, the Beam Express Pro is an advanced program (though running without any macro!) calculating automatically the force envelopes and then, the reinforcement for both flexion and shear forces, according to the Eurocode 2. In addition to uniformly distributed loads, with the Beam Express Pro also Trapezoid loads, concentrated loads and moments can be introduced.

Among the advantages of Beam Express: Features
Beam Express Beam Express Pro
Load types Uniformly distributed loads for every span. Uniform or trapezoidal loads; concentrated load; moments.
Automatic load combinations envelope. No Yes
Moment redistribution No Yes
Moment reduction in function of the support width No Yes
Section properties input Numeric Definition of section geometry for rectangulare, L, inverse L, T, or I cross-sections, or numeric input
Reinforcement design No Yes
Rebars curtailment No Yes
Max. number of spans 12 12
Edge conditions simply supported, fixed or cantilevered simply supported, fixed or cantilevered

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